Kindle for Kids

I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I have a bunch of children (six, to be exact), and for the first day or two, I didn’t let them touch it. But that didn’t last for long.

The kids took turns playing Where’s my Water for the entire 1 1/2 hour ride home! I couldn’t believe how many free kids apps there were. The kindle had found itself into my kids hands very quickly, and I found I was enjoying seeing them have fun with it. (Even my 3-year-old could use it!)

When I was asked if I was glad I was given an kindle. I declared that I certainly was… and that I think we were going to need 6 more!

The kindle is a very good device for my kids. There are so many games (even fun educational ones!) and things for the kids to do on it. Add to it the ability to read books, check out the web, and more… Even they agree that it is “better than a DS”!

The Kindle for kids is full of possibilities. Join me as we check some of those possibilities out!



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